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The Director of Operations for Boomers Irvine came to us to 3D model a screen protector for their local amusement center. A reference photo of a similar product was provided to us at the start of this project.

ddba444dc33d057409bcd496588c658e9bbf6d35-1 (1).jpg

We drove down to their facility & took measurements in person. Since the shape was so straightforward, 2 variants of this object were 3D modeled within an hour.

4b3294477f08c4d6ed4ff38b8e3fd6259a3eaa74-1 (1).jpg

The 2D profile was extruded into a 3D shape.


And then 3D printed in coarse resolution PLA in just 10 minutes.

c148f6de62284428a600a504ac6e588eb5d2fd84-1 (1).jpg

Two hours after receiving the very first email from the Director of Operations for Boomers Irvine, a working prototype was delivered. Once he was happy with the test fit, we delivered the source file, STL file for 3D printing, & most importantly STEP file for CNC machining the final part out of acrylic panels.


Since 3D printing is only one tool in the giant toolbox of making things with robots, due to the simple shape, large copy count, & the need for a crystal clear transparent finish, CNC machining of acrylic panels was the clear cheaper, faster, & better tool for mass fabrication.

o (1).jpg

We were glad to be able to contribute to our local community & the guys at Boomers Irvine were nice enough to give us a few free rides!

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