image (1).jpg

A car enthusiast came to us to 3D model & 3D print custom car emblems for his wife. Since the topography of the car body was way too complicated to be measured via a caliper, a 3D scan was taken.

image (7).jpg

A new custom emblem was 3D modeled on top of the 3D scan for a perfect fit with sub-millimeter precision.

image (8).jpg

Rasterized (simple) renderings were provided free of charge for color matching. But photorealistic ray-traced (light simulation) renderings were also available for investor presentations or marketing purposes at a small additional cost. 

image (9).jpg

The custom emblems were printed in prototype-grade resin at 2mm hollowed since it's a non-loadbearing cosmetic component.


Here were the components with the support parts removed & lightly sanded prior to delivery.


And here was the emblem all finished after the client spray painted & glued the components together! We don't offer in-house painting services anymore because we learned that our time was better allocated to 3D modeling & 3D printing. However, we have free tutorials on how to do this at home safely & extremely cost-effectively!