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The homeowner of a local mansion came to us to get custom spacer o-rings made for the door handles of his luxurious custom home. Since there were 30+ high-end door handles to be replaced & the manufacturer doesn't sell the spacer o-rings individually, a contractor quoted the homeowner over $20,000 for parts & labor to replace the door handles.


Although this was potentially very stimulative to the local economy, throwing out 30+ perfectly good door handles simply because the brittle OEM plastic o-rings broke was very bad for the environment. So we 3D modeled the replacement part in under 10 minutes within 1/10th of mm precision.

image (1).jpg

And 3D printed 45 replacement spacer o-rings in a single afternoon. The print was done via MSLA resin 3D printing in a soft flexible material. Since the original part was made in a hard brittle plastic & broke from shattering under repeated use, the new flexible engineering-grade resin will never fail from shattering. 


Only a single build plate of parts was printed (and delivered the next day). Because the new flexible replacement parts will never shatter, the new o-rings should last the homeowner a lifetime!

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