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image (3).jpg

A local product designer came to us to outsource 3D modeling service to us. He provided us with a rough concept he made inside TinkerCAD that he exported as an STL file.

image (5).jpg

First, we made 2D sketches on top of his 3D mesh to capture the key dimensions & also add the finer features he couldn't accomplish in TinkerCAD.

image (4).jpg

Once the information is captured in 2D, the object could be easily brought into 3D by extruding up the sketch with a 3-degree draft angle for injection molding.

image (6).jpg

Here was the finished part 3D modeled parametrically in order to produce a clean manufacturable STEP file (which he will email to various manufacturers to get manufacturing quotes).

image (8).jpg

As you can see, the STL file produced in TinkerCAD wasn't sufficient for manufacturing because it was just a set of triangles (mesh).

image (10).jpg

A cover plate was also 3D modeled parametrically with the appropriate draft angles, ribbings, & other design features appropriate for injection molding.

image (9).jpg

Here is a cross-sectional view of how the various parts will fit.

image (11).jpg

Multiple screenshots were provided to communicate the completion of the various key features of this project.

image (13).jpg

All 3D modeling comes with 1 round of free revision. And the client decided to implement some new features.

image (14).jpg

As always, plenty of screenshots will be provided to minimize any ambiguity to zero.

Everything looks good & the client can sleep well at night knowing that the mold will be produced faithfully to his design!

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