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HBD Products came to us to 3D model & 3D print a large display replica of an oil tank from the vintage Porsche 911R.

image (7).jpg

A high-quality 3D scan was provided to us at the start of this project. But we also do 3D scanning in-house with 0.05mm precision. 

image (8).jpg

Even though they used a company that specialized in 3D scanning & the very best 3D scanning technology was used, there were still areas like the thread where the details were a little fuzzy. So we digitally sliced out the low-resolution parts. 


And took measurements with a caliper within 1/100th of a millimeter (1/2500th of an inch) precision.

image (9).jpg

New components were fabricated digitally, almost like working with virtual sheet metal. Except that everything inside a computer happened at the speed of thought. 

image (10).jpg

The threads were measured with a thread pitch gauge & parametrically modeled according to actual industrial standards. 

image (11).jpg

And inserted into place to produce perfect (and working) crisp threads. 

image (12).jpg

A new oil tank head was also completely modeled from scratch & inserted into place. 

image (15).jpg

In order to fit the oil tank within our printer's build volume & also to print this model supportless (for the cleanest possible surface finish), the model was cut into two pieces. 


Here were the two pieces printed in fine resolution PLA. We also offer FDM 3D printing in coarse resolution for cheap & fast draft versions or ultrafine resolution for a near resin-like surface finish after filler priming & painting. 


Parts were joined together with two-part epoxy. Masking tape was used to hold the parts together while the glue was curing. 


And here was the oil tank display model after a little sanding, priming, & painting!

We have tutorials on the painting process so please check them out! 

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