Cheap 3D Printing Service Los Angeles

​MineeForm is a local 3D printing service in Los Angeles. How much to 3D print? We are extremely upfront about our 3D print service cost & publish our 3D printing cost (exact price per gram) on our website. How much do 3D prints cost primarily depends on 1) 3D printing filament usage 2) materials for 3D printing such as 3D print filament type & 3) resolution of the 3D printing filament. 

Our 3D print service uses various types of 3D printer filaments to 3D print STL files. We 3D print wood & also offer 3D printing carbon fiber, among other more conventional materials for 3D printing such as PLA, PETG, TPU, & ABS. We can also effectively 3D print silicone because we are a silicone mold maker. From these 3D print materials, we can make all sorts of 3D printed parts limited by only your imagination from the CAD model. If you like the design, we offer prototype manufacturing at a large discount to our regular 3D print price. 

We are a model maker & specialize in 3D printing models. We are an architectural model maker & tradeshow scale model maker that 3D print models we meticulously assemble & paint (among all sorts of other 3D printed models). We offer 3D modeling & 3D render services because being a local 3D printing service, we naturally also offer CAD design & CAD drawing for local CAD inventors. For example, we can 3D design homes or 3D design room and then use our large 3D print service to make a physical large architectural model of that CAD file. 




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Cheap 3D Printing Service Los Angeles

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​In order to save a lot of time & money when using our 3D printing service to get the lowest 3D print price, please send us any & all reference photos you have via email. Even napkin sketches are extremely helpful. This is because in 3D modeling, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. It's really hard to communicate 3D design using only words. If you already have your own CAD file, we can just 3D print STL files & skip the 3D modeling & CAD drawing process. 


For 3D modeling, cad drawing, & 3D render services we charge $60 an hour (with a 1-hour minimum). However, most of the 3D modeling requests we’ve gotten, such as the 3D design of a simple prototype object, are actually extremely straightforward & take less than an hour of CAD drawing. In fact, if the 3D design is super simple & you are really nice, we might even do the 3D modeling for free. Click here to see some of our Creative Commons 3D design optimized for 3D printing.



How much do 3D prints cost? 3D prints cost primarily depends on 1) 3D printing filament usage 2) materials for 3D printing such as 3D print filament type & 3) resolution of the 3D printing filament. ​In order to give you the most accurate 3D print price, please email over the 3D print STL files. However, as a rough approximation, a small 1.5 inch 3D printed part might cost $65 if 3D printed in PLA or $71 if we are 3D printing carbon fiber. However, to make a second 3D print of that same exact $65 PLA 3D printed part  (within the same workorder) will only cost $5 more (or $2 more with prototype manufacturing pricing).