In the past few decades, our world had seen rapid progress in computers (and maybe a little bit of biotech). However, our physical world is still largely unchanged. Housing is still unaffordable for most. Infrastructure is still old & crumbling. Although our lever to create digitally is getting ever more God-like, our lever to create in the physical world is still as expensive & regulated to death as ever.

Our goal is to use the immense computation power of the world of bits to create cool & new things in the world of atoms. Although we are only creating miniatures & plant arts for the moment in our own product lines, our ambition doesn’t stop at mere toys. We want to eventually expand into ergonomic furnitures & even affordable sustainable housings.

We dream of a world where our chairs are as comfortable & meticulously designed as our social media user interface. We dream of a world where the basic necessities of life are as accessible & visually stunning as the latest video games (during a sale). We dream of a world where the world of atoms is every bit as awesome as the world of bits.