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Screenshotter--OntheVergeS1E6SomeThingsPassed-7’48” (1).jpg

A while back, a TV show production company tasked to produce the Netflix show On The Verge reached out to us to 3D model & 3D print 4 copies of a large architectural model to be used in Season 1 Episode 6 "Some Things Passed."


At the time, we decided to do it via large MSLA resin 3D printing. But looking back, that was a mistake. The print time was really long due to print failures & the cost was really inefficient. 


If we had to do this project over again, we now believe fine resolution FDM was the superior choice. We sliced the architectural model into dozens of individual pieces so they could be printed supportless (without any sacrificial scaffold materials). This way, it would not only be very cost-effective, but it would also have the cleanest possible surface finish. 

My project.jpg

Each complete copy took 4 build plates & about 100 hours of total print time. However, spread across 4 printers, a complete copy could be fabricated every 24 hours. 


This means that the contract could be completed in a week or two max very comfortably. As opposed to a few months via large MSLA resin 3D printing due to warping, delamination, shrinkage, & other difficulties associated with printing large resin things. 


The fine resolution PLA 3D printed components were assembled in less than 15 minutes.

My project copy 2 (2)_edited.jpg

If we had done the contract in fine resolution PLA, we would've had sooo much time & budget leftover that we could've even added a base, grass flockings, & artificial plants. And still came out to only half the cost of MSLA resin 3D printing. At MineeForm, even when the job is over, we never stop thinking about how to do things cheaper, faster, & better next time. 

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