For People Who Can't Afford to Wait & Need It Done ASAP


$250 Per Extra Printer

Normally, each new order is assigned its own dedicated 3D printer. But if there are many parts to be printed & you need is ASAP, one way to dramatically cut down on print time is to spread the order across many printers. Also, additional 3D printers make complete economic sense if we are batching out a ton of hards, & you need the build time to be cut down in half. Each additional printer would need its own set of materials & calibration tests. By tying up more printers, we also have to turn down potential new customers for the duration of your print. So we don't encourage this option unless you are really tight on time.


Overclocked Service = 2 x Normal Price

Sometimes there are deadlines. And people let you down. We get it. We’ve all been there. And we are willing to occasionally take on stressful jobs ignoring weekends, holidays, the limiting notion of day & night, & showers (if capacity permits). That is to say, if we don’t have much else going on at the moment, we might be insane enough to pop some energy drinks & take one for the team.


$100 Per Hour

Although 3D printing in-house might not be cost-effective (due to high labor costs in Irvine, expensive & frequent printer maintenance, & peripheral equipment such as air filtration systems), it is by far the fastest way to produce parts because you have complete control over the process. 3D printing has a really long learning curve with a constant need for maintenance & repair. This is why about half of our customers actually have 3D printers themselves & still use our 3D printing service. But with a little help from us, you will get things up & running way cheaper, faster, & more reliably than reading things on the internet or trial & error.


$2 Per Mile

If you need something ASAP & can't afford to wait for shipping (or if the object is very large & fragile), we will literally load up the car & drive over to your place ASAP to drop off the parts (if capacity permits). Distance is calculated from 92782 to the destination zip code.

For example, "92782 to Las Vegas Strip" in Google Maps returned 259 miles. If you have a convention in Las Vegas the very next day & you need your parts ASAP, we can literally get in the car right now & drop off the part the same day for $518.